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Bybee Farms wants to thank everyone for coming out this year! We are so happy you all got to come out and get your fill on fresh blueberries and not to mention for your freezer as well! What a season! Thanks for your continued effort to support your local farms!

Our bushes are friendly to people of all ages! So bring the whole family out! Bring a picnic lunch and try to find the Mt Goats on Mt Si!

OPEN 7 days a week 9am to 8pm $2.25/lb

We had a fantastic opening day~ thanks to everyone who came out and our excellent staff for making it all run smoothly! We still have lots and lots of ripe berries to pick so come on out!

**PLEASE NOTE! Weekday picking is less crowded and shorter check out lines than weekends**


No Dogs Allowed in the field/ Cash or Check only

Our farm is located approximately 2 miles from North Bend at the base of 4167 ft tall Mt. Si. It's a great place to spend some time with the family and get back to nature. Try to spot some elusive mountain goats while you pick the biggest, freshest blueberries in your own peaceful little corner of the field. We have 6 varieties of u-pick blueberries. Call for specific information about the crops; when they will be ready, price, weather closures, etc. You can email or call 425-888-5745 before you come to the farm to check on weather and picking conditions. Our normal hours are 9 AM to 8 PM everyday of the week during blueberry season with the hours possibly changing the further we go into the fall. We occasionally have to close for a day or so due to bad weather or to let the berries ripen. Please check the "fresh" farm update page for the most current hours and picking conditions throughout the season.